SME Financing

Pubali Prochesta


The SMEs worldwide are Arecognized as engines of economic growth. The important role of SMEs in the national economy of Bangladesh for creating over 90 per cent of industrial enterprises, generating employment to 4 out of 5 industrial workers and contributing to over one-third of industrial value-added to gross domestic product (GDP) emphasizes its promotion by providing access to finance. The relative SMEs share in manufacturing value-added is much higher and estimated to vary between 45 to 50 per cent of totaling value-added generated by the manufacturing industries sector. With these perceived merits of SMEs, Bangladesh Bank has emphasized for their promotion especially in the area of access to finance and has given several directions to the scheduled Banks. For compliance to central bank’s instructions and prospects of SMEs in Bangladesh economy, Pubali Bank Limited introduced three products namely Pubali Subarna, Pubali Karmo Uddyog and Pubali Sujan. All these products are demand loan by nature. But we do not have any product for SMEs to ensure continuous finance for fulfilling the needs of working capital. Research and Development Division in consultation with the Creadit Division has designed a product named “Pubali Prochesta” to augment working capital base in SMEs for uninterrupted day to day operations. The features of the products are given below:

Product Object

  • Small and medium enterprise ('SME”) borrowers may need to ensure source of continuous finance for uninterrupted operation. Pubali Prochesta will help SMEs to augment working capital base to meet the day to day financial needs.
  • Customer segment

  • Any SME entrepreneur
  • Purpose

  • To meet any justifiable working capital need.
  • Nationality

  • Bangladeshi
  • Age limit

  • From 21 years up to 60 years (the borrower's age must not exceed 60 at the expiry of loan tenor)
  • Minimum income

  • Minimum income must commensurate with the amount of loan applied for.
  • Borrower's eligibility

  • The entrepreneur
  • must have skills in managing his/her business and has experience of successfully managing the business for at least two (2) years;
  • Is between 21-60 years of age
  • has good reputation.
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