SME Financing

PBL Sujan

PBL Sujan

Product Objective/Purpose

  • To purchase capital Machinery, Office equipment, Covered Van, Pick up Van etc
  • Eligibility

  • 2 (two) years experience in the line of business
  • Business must be a going -concern with more than 1 (one) year in operation
  • Age Limit

  • Minimum 18-years
  • Loan Ceiling

  • Tk. 2.00-lac to Tk. 10.00-lac
  • Financing Range

  • 90% (maximum) of fixed asset purchase or as the case may be
  • Tenor

  • From 12 months to 36 months
  • Rate of Interest

  • @9.00% P.A. subject to change at Bank's discretion
  • Security

    Primary Security

  • Post dated cheques
  • Charge on current assets (receivables, Stock etc.)
  • Personal guarantee of Proprietor, Partners, Directors, Spouse
  • Hypothecation of machinery, equipments etc
  • Personal guarantee of 1 (one) person acceptable to Bank
  • Collateral (Not mandatory upto Tk. 10.00-lac)

  • Mortgage (in case of ownership)/assignment of possession right of shop, show-room etc
  • Documents

  • Request letter of the applicant
  • Consent letter
  • KYC profile with NID
  • Photograph of Borrower, Guarantor, Business site
  • Financial and Personal net-worth
  • Branch Manager's & Regional Manager's visit report
  • Disbursement

  • Disbursement to be made under PBL Sujan through a Payment order directly to the seller. No cash drawing will be allowed under any circumstances
  • Repayment

  • Repayment of the loan will be started after 1/2/3 months of disbursement by equal monthly
  • installment

    Sanction Authority

  • Regional Manager
  • Processing Fee

  • Tk. 500.00 for limit below Tk.6.00-lac
  • Tk. 1000.00 for limit of Tk. 6.00-lac to 10.00-lac
  • Penal Interest

  • @0.25% on the defaulted amount to be charged per month but aggregate of penal interest must not exceed @3% P.A. at any point of time

  • For any query please Contact at: Tel: (PABX) 02223381614 FAX: 880-2-9564009 or e-mail us at