Corporate Social Responsibility

Pubali Bank's response to corporate social responsibility is embodied by the concept of responsible banking, which is imbibed in the way we do business and drive the objectives of the Bank to be the best financial institution in Bangladesh. We recognize our obligations to the society, so we are committed to always making informed, reasonable and ethical decision in the manner we carry out our business, how we treat our employees, and how we relate to our customers. Our CSR initiatives over the years have focused on health care, sports, education and youth development, the arts, philanthropy and charitable activities.

Health Care

Because we believe that good health is a critical condition for rapid socio-economic development of the country, the Bank has donated or funded large volumes to set up state of an art facility to various hospitals across the country to underline its commitment to ensure availability of health service to all at affordable cost and thus saving exodus of foreign currencies.

Pubali Bank Limited has donated Tk. 10 (ten) crore to Dhaka Ahsania Mission, a humanitarian organization, towards setting up a state of the art modern Cancer hospital to alleviate the sufferings of people who have currently no access to specialized medical treatment of Cancer. In Bangladesh, there are minimal cancer facilities and many people in both urban and rural areas of the country are dying due to lack of hospitals and doctors, to serve their cancer needs. It is estimated that there are 1,000,000 people in Bangladesh who already have cancer and 200,000 new patients are added each year. Currently, with existing hospital facilities, Bangladesh has the capability to serve 20,000 patients each year - which means that 180,000 patients go altogether unserved - thousands of them will needlessly suffer and ultimately die without any cancer care. The Ashania Mission Cancer and General Hospital will serve approximately 73,000 patients each year, preventing as many as 40,000 deaths and reducing the suffering of approximately 270,000 patients all over Bangladesh. Pubali Bank Limited has also donated Tk. 2 (two) Crore to ENT Cancer Hospital.

Apart from direct donation, Pubali Bank Limited from the very initiation extended credit to all big hospitals at a concessional rate of interest so that valuable foreign currency can be saved and our people can get healthcare services at affordable cost:

  • Ibrahim Cardiac Center
  • Apollo Hospital
  • United Hospital
  • Square Hospital
  • International Medical College and Hospital
  • Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital
  • Lab Aid
  • Green Life Hospital etc.
  • Our other areas of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Regular donations to different educational institutions, disabled organizations
  • Sports sponsoring- Boat rowing etc.
  • Helping the distress people for treatment
  • Financial and other supports have been provided for the complicated operation of the own employees
  • Financial support for the educational purposes and good result of the children
  • PBL has been providing magazines and supports for extra curricular activities to major universities
  • Internship facilities to the students of the leading universities
  • For the natural calamity and national tragedy PBL always extends its hand to help and provide financial support
  • PBL always extends its support to distress people through government scheme/contribution to Government Fund etc.