Mudaraba Savings Account

Terms and Conditions

  • Specific papers/ documents on the basis of the type of the customer is required.
  • The Client should approach the Bank through Mudaraba Savings Account Form.
  • Obtain and affix attested National ID card/ Passport.
  • Photograph of Account holder is required.
  • Photograph of Account holder is required.
  • Nominee required in case of individual.
  • Initial deposit Tk.500/= (minimum).
  • Closing Charge Tk.200/=.
  • Eligibility

  • Individual (Adult).
  • Partnership Firm.
  • Non Trading Concern (Educational Institute, Club, Society etc).
  • Govt./Autonomous Bodies.
  • Benefits/Features

  • Deposit will be received and invested According to Shariah principles.
  • Cheque/ATM for easy cash withdrawal.
  • Profit is given twice a year according to profit/ loss of the year.
  • Deposit can be drawn 4 times a month and 1/4th of the deposit.
  • Taka can be deposited any time.
  • Mudaraba Deposit Investment Income Sharing Ratio
    Bank Depositor
    Mudaraba Savings Account 55% 45%