PI Banking


PI Banking App refers to the Mobile Financial Service of Pubali Bank Limited that enables bank customers to access accounts and general information on bank products and services through Mobile devices. The main intention behind the commencement of electronic banking services is to provide the customers with an alternative that is more responsive and with less expensive options.



The system will allow the user to input user id and password relevant to a login with device registration or/and user activation . Once users have user ID and password, users are ready to sign in also user can retrieve user id and change the user password.

My Account

My account refer to the details a/c information with a/c balance. The account balance is the amount of money currently owed on a particular account. By default it is showing all of account lists associated with the user.

A/C Statement

A bank statement or account statement is a summary of financial transactions which have occurred over a given period on a bank account held by a person or business with a financial institution.

Fund Transfer

Fund Transfer allows user to transfer funds between accounts by using OTP . Fund transfer allow to transfer to Pubali bank and/or Others Bank (BEFTN, NPSB, RTGS) A/C

Bills Pay

To Pay Bills in PI Banking System (PIBS) user can enroll various bill payment like Credit Card Bill, Bangladesh Agriculture University, WASA etc.

Stop Payment

A stop payment is a request made to Pubali Bank Limited to cancel a Cheque that has not yet been processed by using OTP verification .

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a system which allows user to upload a Cheque and automatically compare it to the Cheque presented at the bank for payment by using OTP verification.


Users can view branches, ATMs and agent location in a list or/and on a map. We use the built-in location services to determine user location.

Mobile Recharge

A prepaid or postpaid mobile is a credit is purchased in advance/after of service use by using OTP verification .

Merchant Payment

Users can make a payment to merchant using scanning QR Code by using OTP verification .


Users'll have the ability to feedback and access information regarding previous calls.

OTP Send and Verification

OTP send and OTP Verification module verifies user action and device of users by sending verification code (OTP) during user activation, device registration, fund transfer or others user action according to user configuration as OTP enable or disable of this user action. It removes the possibility of a fake user action.

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